Due to numerous requests from ProStuff customers, our product management team has released ProStuff Cleaner in a specially formulated ready to use version.  Actually, TWO of them! We have found that many people do not want to take the time to dilute our standard ProStuff Concentrated Cleaner with water, so we have done it for them. We're very happy to introduce ProStuff Light Duty and ProStuff Heavy Duty in handy quart sizes that are ready to grab and use. To make the product even more convenient, we have included a commercial grade spray top for both products.

Light Duty is designed for use on glass, mirrors, granite, windows, stainless steel appliances, kitchen cabinets, crystal and vinyl windows. Heavy duty works best on red wine stains, tile grout, mildew, carpet stains, clothing stains, marine vinyl, fiberglas, teakwood and most general uses.

Since ProStuff Light Duty and Heavy Duty are pre-diluted they're not only ready to use, they're also featured at a much lower price than the concentrated versions of standard ProStuff.  So CLICK HERE and get some today!!
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