Over twenty years of ongoing development has been invested in arriving with the final formulation of ProStuff, a concentrated all-purpose cleaner that truly lives up to its description. Companies large and small have touted the remarkable effects of various cleaning products over the years, making claims that all too often could not be justified in practical, everyday applications. You'll find ProStuff a very refreshing change.

Practically every cleaning solution on the market today is packaged for sale in diluted form. Consumers pay high retail prices for products that are virtually watered down. ProStuff is a concentrated cleaner. Consumers themselves dilute our product with varying amounts of tap water depending on the cleaning application. You only pay for active ingredients. And, while you'll find ProStuff capable of taking on the most difficult cleaning chores, those ingredients do NOT include ammonia, acids, chlorine, bleaches, or benzene products. Environmentally safe does not mean gentle on grime.

ProStuff cleans everything from driveway stains to window glass with no residue. You don't even have to rinse after using it! You'll quickly find ProStuff replacing every product in your cleaning cabinet, at an annual savings that will surprise you. If you're fed up with the claims of cleaning products that can't come close to the mark, try ProStuff. You'll never settle for anything less again.
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